Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Incentive Travel

One of the perks your company can offer it's employees is discounted leisure travel rates for themselves and their families by utilizing the travel agency your company is contracted with for their corporate travel needs.  The travel agency can help your employees plan their vacations or holiday trips and offer many of the same discounts that your business gets for airline tickets, hotel accommodations and car rental rates.

Your company can also offer gift certificates or special packages for incentives as a reward for their work for your business.  It can be an in-house promotion for getting the most sales or for bringing in new clients to your business or any other number of reasons you why may wish to reward your employees.

The business' travel manager can set forth policies on how employees can utilize their services to make their personal travel plans and help negotiate special rates with airlines, cruise lines and hotels when your company awards a trip for an incentive.  The travel manager help you and your employees take advantage of negotiated rates they have already made with a variety of travel vendors for your leisure travel.

Having the ability to offer your employees discounted leisure travel or incentive travel is a good incentive to use when trying to hire new executives for your company.  It is a perk that not every business has the ability to offer and can set your business above your competitors when trying to land an employee who has been offered positions at other companies.

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