Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Business Travel Insurance

Travelling for business is not without its complications, especially when travelling out of country or for an extended period of time.  Almost anything can happen while in flight, on the ground or medically to your travelling employee.  To help cover any emergency expenses that may occur while the employee is on business for your company, you should purchase business travel insurance so that all contingencies are covered when one of your people has to travel.

Travel insurance will help cover costs incurred when problems arise.  This includes:

  • Lost luggage
  • Damage to equipment
  • Medical expenses for the employee
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Trip cancellation expenses

Without travel insurance, your company could end up paying for replacing equipment the employee took with him on the trip or for a car accident that the employee might be responsible for causing.  Travel insurance helps offset these unplanned expenses and covers your company's liability if necessary.

You can set-up your travel insurance policy to cover a single trip or you can negotiate a multi-trip policy if your business has employees travelling frequently to visit clients or to go to satellite offices or manufacturing plants to oversee operations.  Part of your company's responsibility in controlling costs is to insure your travelling employees so your budget won't be compromised by unforeseen problems.

If your company has a corporate travel management company overseeing your travel and expenses, they will handle negotiating a travel insurance policy for your company and handle any claims that are made when your employee has any problems on his trip.  Travelling without a good insurance policy can cost your company much more than any travel insurance costs you may incur.

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